No wallflowers here.

Our season begins late January when we start our seeding program - through transplanting and growing our season continues to the first week of June. In that time period - 6 months we will have produced for sale over 750,000 vegetable plants from seed, over 100,000 annual flowering plants from cuttings or plugs, 500 hanging baskets, 250 bare root roses, gallon geraniums, perennials, vines and much much more. Look no further than Agra Greenhouses.

Our Philosophy is to provide quality plants at reasonable prices.

About Us

It all starts with an idea.

Family began this journey and family has been the reason for its continuation. Our story begins in 1988 when a family member suggested that we come out west and start anew. To this day the one natural resource that New Mexico has and continually influences our love of this place is its people, along with family values. The day we arrived we felt at home. The South Valley has accepted our family with open arms. Through the years, our neighbors have become our dear friends and our children have grown to become our neighbors. For two generations we have stood at the same bus stop watching our children and their friends grow and blossom into productive New Mexicans. The Valley is Home!

The road to our present has been a journey that only faith could have perceived. For so many years family and faith have kept us together, and keep us together. We have persevered, offering a good product at a fair price. We have developed relationships with customers eventually becoming friendships. Our retail and wholesale clients are our extended family. Though we only see most of our friends during our open season it's exciting and we cherish every moment with them. It's only at Agra we have chairs set up with tables in one of our greenhouses so that people can come to visit and talk. People meeting other neighbors, talking and sharing good times and bad times. We are Family. 

We have purposely not stated production of plants or numbers of sales because that will change each year. What will not change is the love that we, at Agra, have for this business and the love that we receive back from the community. We see our friends at the grocery store, at church, everyday life for we are family. But to those people who haven't been to our greenhouses we at Agra invite you to see our family run operation.

Our products range from annuals and perennials to hanging baskets and gallon tomatoes. Flats of color to flats of veggies for all of your gardening needs. To the farmer, we contract grow and offer vegetable starts. We have over 35,000 square feet of growing space filled with Spring plantings. As we say at Agra, "We have the local cure for your Spring fever". Depending on the weather, our greenhouses will be open to the public the first week of April through the middle of June.

As we look to another twenty years of growing and another generation takes over, we say thank you to our family of wholesalers and retail centers for your strong support. A special thanks to our friends and neighbors who throughout the years made us feel like family.